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Toko - Jual Komponen Elektronika | Mikrokontroler | Arduino | Robot

New Arrival
Arduino Uno R3
Rp 180,000.00
IC Regulator Switching LM2576S-5.0
Rp 7,000.00
IC Regulator Switching LM2576T-5.0
Rp 10,000.00
IC Mikrokontroler AVR ATMega128A
Rp 65,000.00
IC USB To Serial PL2303HX-A
Rp 20,000.00
Sensor Suhu DHT11
Rp 30,000.00
IC Mikrokontroler ARM LPC1343FBD48
Rp 100,000.00
IC Driver Motor Mosfet MC33887
Rp 110,000.00
Programmer Downloader Mikrokontroler AVR Burning Tool
Rp 200,000.00
Minimum Sistem AVR Megaboard V1
Rp 400,000.00
Sensor Gas CO2 Cozir
Rp 2,000,000.00
Charger Baterai LiPo HobbyKing B3AC
Rp 150,000.00
Modul Bluetooth HC-05
Rp 90,000.00
Modul Driver Motor Mosfet TB6612FNG
Rp 100,000.00
Roda Robot Kit 42x19mm
Rp 50,000.00
Power Supply Switching 5V 40A
Rp 400,000.00